The Railroad Crossing
Fred Krieg: a Tribute

Fred Krieg

    One of my earliest memories is climbing up on the backside of Dad's big workbench and watching him tinker with things. He may have been making something; a model car, a covered wagon, a train car or he may have been repairing some broken appliance. In either case, common sense and creativity mixed with patience always seemed to prevail. I suppose I learned some of my skills at that workbench.

Fire Truck

Ice Cream Truck

    Dad passed away in December 2003 at the age of 87. He left behind a few dozen scratch built model trucks. These occupied his time over the past dozen years when he was unable to work on his 1929 Model A and his 1925 Model T. In addition to the trucks, he left many toys for my children and my niece, small pieces of furniture, a few model buildings of his own and a legacy of creativity.


This page is simply a tribute to Dad and his wonderful talent. Thanks Dad!